Richard Edwards

Senior Associate

Airline IT expert, Sales, distribution and e-commerce expert

Richard Edwards is a sales, distribution, e-commerce and airline IT expert. He began his career at Cathay Pacific Airways, and went on to serve for more than 20 years at senior management level with Amadeus and Abacus. At Amadeus, Richard was responsible for global product and customer support and served as Chief Performance and Process Officer and CIO responsible for internal information systems. He successfully prepared Amadeus for the twin business challenges of global distribution system (GDS) deregulation and the launch of the internet. Under Richard’s guidance, Amadeus introduced new management processes, industrialised customer development and implementations and became one of the first to embrace the internet and open systems technologies and pioneer their use in high-performance operations. As a result, Amadeus was consistently voted best GDS by industry peers. 

Prior to joining Amadeus, Richard led the Abacus project team that built the new GDS, and held various commercial and country management positions at Cathay Pacific, before moving to manage the commercial and financial IT systems at the airline.

Richard is highly involved in a range of projects for Nyras directly relating to sales and distribution strategy, airline IT architecture, IT (including PSS), supplier selection and contracts, e-commerce strategy, IT systems development and the cost and best-practice benchmarking of sales and distribution and airline IT. Some of his key assignments include:

  • Leading the team that produced the IATA-commissioned new distribution capability (NDC) white paper on customer order transformation, that became NDC One-Order.

Richard is a graduate of Oxford University and has worked in Europe, Asia and North America.

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