Hares Wardak

Consultant Analyst

Former Strategy graduate trainee at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Hares Wardak graduated from Cranfield University with a master’s (MSc) in Air Transport Management.

Prior to that achieved a first-class BSc (Hon's) in Aviation Logistics/Management and a degree in Aviation Maintenance Engineering. Through 9 years of studies in the Netherlands, United States and United Kingdom, Hares has acquired an in-depth level of knowledge on many aspects of the aviation industry including airlines, airports and MRO.

Whilst at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Hares analysed the network of multiple airlines, traffic changes at multiple European airports and evaluated the capabilities of Boeing 787. He worked closely together with the Strategy and Air Traffic Analysis department of Schiphol to improve their understanding of the influence of Boeing 787 on hub airports. In this respect, Hares has investigated opportunities and threats for the airport’s strategic direction, thus providing various recommendations to Schiphol Group’s long-term strategic plan.

During his time at TUIfly Netherlands, Hares collaborated with an IT solution provider to design and implement an automated budgeting system for the Engineering department to manage aircraft modification costs. As a result of the automated budgeting system, decision-making regarding future expenditure and operational efficiency was materially improved.

Hares is a key member of the Nyras team in a range of projects directly relating to airports and airlines.

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