Greta Steponaviciute

Consultant Analyst

Cranfield University graduate


Greta Steponaviciute holds a MSc degree in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University and a BSc degree in Psychology from Vilnius University.

While at Cranfield University, Greta also developed a business-oriented mind-set and built an extensive knowledge of commercial airlines activity, strategic partnerships and network development, finalising with a MSc thesis on Joint Ventures and Airline Alliances. She also conducted a BSc research on ATC, where she gained a knowledge of the cognitive ATC work challenges and benefits of initiatives, such as A-CDM.

In the past 6 years, Greta has studied in the United Kingdom, France and Lithuania, and has worked in two aviation training centres in Northern Europe, as well as in two ACMI and charter airlines, operated in Europe, Africa and Middle-East. Before moving to work at aviation training centres, she had been a cabin crew, where Greta built a broad understanding of the operational side of aviation and the challenges related to rising crew costs, experienced pilot and engineer shortage.

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