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Nyras works at CEO and board level to help our clients evaluate their options and to determine the most effective strategic direction for the company. Our advice is grounded in detailed internal and external analysis to help develop the best solution for each individual client.

Our professionals have significant experience in advising clients on their strategy and helping them implement it. Our team is led by CEO, Richard Davey, who acts as a key adviser to a number of CEOs, and includes experienced executives and senior associates who are former CEO, CFO, CCO, COO and CIO level executives with experience of developing and implementing strategy.

Our clients look for help with key strategic issues, safe in the knowledge that we have found effective solutions for seemingly intractable and long term problems in the past. We do not recycle strategic solutions but rather think creatively about workable options for each individual client. Furthermore, we actually implement the solutions we come up with – we live the results of our analysis with the client and focus on developing strategies that are deliverable.

Specialist service offering and key benefits

In undertaking Strategy assignments for airlines, we focus on the following:

  • Market evaluations.
  • Exploration of strategic options and development for airline strategies.
  • Supporting development of three to five-year business plans.
  • Highlighting the implementation actions needed to deliver strategies.
  • Risk assessment and development of mitigating actions.

How can we help?

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