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Airline Cost Benchmarking

Nyras conducts competitive benchmarking studies to help clients improve their efficiency and competitiveness within the market which are based on deep industry knowledge and insight to provide a ’like for like’ comparison between airlines. We cover all commercial, operational and support functions within an airline and tailor our support to best meet our clients’ needs.

Led by a former airline CFO, our teams contain the right balance of financial and subject matter experts with extensive benchmarking experience, informed by deep industry knowledge, within the industry. We specialise in helping airline’s benchmark their cost base cost against industry leading low cost carriers and have extensive experience of carrying out ‘deep dives’ into Ground Operations, Engineering & Maintenance and Commercial Sales & Distribution.

Benchmarking assignments can add real value to our clients. We unearth unique insight by utilising the knowledge and experience of expert associates and key data drawn from a range of proprietary databases. Our reports provide ‘like for like’ market comparisons of unit costs and business performance accompanied by recommendations for profit and process improvement. This combination of data and insight provides a firm basis for informed decision making.

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