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Financial Analysis

Nyras provides financial analysis to support broader strategic, investment and business improvement decisions. We provide a comparative analysis to support change initiatives and to substantiate investment returns. Our team routinely prepares financial models to aid impact assessments and long term business planning.

We have a team of commercial, financial and business analysts and financial modellers led by former airline CFOs who have spent their entire careers providing analytical and decision making support to heads of departments, directors, CEOs, boards of directors and investors. They have personally recruited, developed and led financial reporting and analysis teams that have added significant value to their businesses. We have worked in the UK and overseas on both group and subsidiary roles with commercial and operational management teams alike.

Our unique experience brings clarity of thinking to highly complex situations. We operate at all levels and functions within an organisation, from the ramp to the boardroom. Our ability to break through departmental ‘silos’ and communicate with all staff leads to more effective solutions, decisions and outcomes. We help management make decisions by providing an independent, impartial view of the financial and broader business impact of alternative options. We also work in close cooperation with our clients’ external advisers including investment bankers, lawyers and accountancy firms.

Specialist service offering and key benefits

In undertaking Financial Analysis and Decision Support for airlines, we focus on the following:

  • Providing a broad range of proprietary tools and analytical expertise.
  • Supporting strategic decisions such as strategic options assessment.
  • Assisting with aircraft financing decisions, including fleet financing strategies and lease vs buy analysis.
  • Capital expenditure investment decisions involving aircraft fleet orders, IT infrastructure projects.
  • Business performance improvement projects, such as cost gap analysis and setting executive pay targets.
  • Improving management reporting by tracking business performance against targets.

How can we help?

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