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Business Restructuring

Nyras undertakes business restructuring on behalf of clients, by evaluating the potential for revenue enhancement and cost efficiency across the business. We can focus on a particular function or business unit, but normally review the whole business to ensure opportunities for improvement are fully optimised.

Our team is led by Iain May, a Senior Vice President with significant restructuring experience who has worked with multiple airlines and aviation companies to improve profitability and operational effectiveness. Iain is supported by two other Senior Vice Presidents, Nigel Addison Smith and Mark Elliott, who are both former airline CFOs with significant restructuring knowledge and experience. They draw on the expertise of our analysts and senior associates who have experience in a full range of functional business areas and understand the implications of business restructuring.

We have a track record of working together with management to stabilise airlines in difficulties and ensure their survival into the future. We also help profitable and successful airlines to strengthen their offering in light of an increasingly competitive market. We usually start any new project with a benchmarking exercise or a diagnostic to establish key focus areas. Using this method, we have found significant and immediate revenue opportunities and cost efficiencies for our clients that have added greatly to their performance.

Specialist service offering and key benefits

In undertaking Business Restructuring for airlines, we focus on the following:

  • Establishing the scale of restructuring required and areas of key focus, driven by airline benchmarking.
  • Using experienced experts to diagnose problems and develop a suitable approach to restructuring.
  • Enhancing both profitability and cost efficiency.
  • Supporting both successful growth airlines looking to build stronger foundations and airlines looking to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How can we help?

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