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Airport Advisory

Nyras provides insight and guidance for mergers and acquisitions and commercial improvement to boost the performance of an airport. The primary source of revenue for an airport is the airlines, so Nyras works with airports, investors and airlines to understand this dimension and to evaluate the impact on transactions or commercial improvement.

Nyras provides clients with a team of commercial airline and airport experts to help improve returns from airport capacity - either within a merger or acquisition situation, where we also bring in transaction advisory specialists, or for profit and efficiency improvement. Our team understand both the airline and airport perspective commercially and have hands on experience and the capability to deliver on airport and slot efficiency to build the capacity of an already constrained airport.

The Nyras perspective is to enhance the airline revenue for an airport and to help airlines make more efficient use of the airport infrastructure. Our complete and in-depth view of the industry is invaluable for merger and acquisition assignments. We identify which airlines could benefit from operating from a specific airport and advise on optimising fees and charges. Our team also understand the realities faced by airlines and can help generate profitable passenger growth to improve revenue opportunity. We also provide extensive transaction advisory expertise including due diligence and have an unparalleled understanding of aircraft developments over the years ahead which can directly impact infrastructure investment decisions.

Specialist service offering and key benefits

In undertaking Airport Advisory for airlines, we focus on the following:

  • Enhancing operations commercially and operationally.
  • Generating profitable passenger growth to improve revenue opportunity.

How can we help?

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