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Major Gulf Airport - Traffic Forecasting

The challenge

Nyras was approached by one of the world’s largest and fastest growing airports to provide short-term and long-range traffic forecasts to help the airport manage future growth and subsequent development needed.  

Key objectives of the project were to:

  • Develop short-term forecasts, taking into consideration both stand and slot constraints.
  • Compile long-range forecasts to support the business case for further expansion.

The solution

Nyras drew together experts from a range of disciplines to review the existing forecast and associated approach, before developing a clear plan to develop accurate, up to date short-term and long-range forecasts.

Our team set about preparing the two forecasts so they could be integrated as a single dynamic model. In addition, a core of experts analysed the demand potential and supply constraints for the airport and airlines, including a major study of the local economy, to provide complete visibility for the client. We also prepared a competitive hub report in light of recent growth.

The results

The report presented to the client covered every aspect of airport operations and commercial opportunities alongside a clear outline of traffic forecast, with detailed rationale for the development of stand and slot constraints over a period of years. On the basis of the information given, the client requested that a more permanent, reusable model be built.

We purposefully created the long-range forecast using base level data that is regularly updated, so the client can reuse the methodology to generate accurate forecasts in the future. Our hope is that the document will provide the client with invaluable information to guide the airport development going forward.

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