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European Flag Carrier - Commercial Diagnostic

The challenge

A long-standing client requested our help to investigate and redress concerns regarding the performance of their commercial function. They were concerned that revenues were not being optimised, but the shortfall could not be attributed to any one function. Market forces were certainly an influencing factor, but the company felt that more could be done to offset any negative revenue impact.

Nyras was required to:

  • Assess how well goals and responsibilities were aligned.
  • Identify areas of concern within the company that need to be addressed.
  • Suggest improved ways of working.

The solution

Nyras worked on site with a broad team of experienced former airline executives to conduct a short, sharp diagnostic assessment to determine where to focus attention going forward. The intensive period of assessment included:

  • Meeting with each of the key senior executives and their teams to ensure that goals and responsibilities were aligned.
  • Looking at processes and areas of focus to ensure that efforts and energy were being spent appropriately to improve top-line performance for the carrier.
  • Identifying better working practices to deliver enhanced results.

Nyras promptly deployed its executives with expertise in all key areas including revenue management, network, sales, marketing, loyalty and customer relationship management, distribution, e-commerce and commercial IT, charter and holiday products, alliances and aeropolitical, among other functions. 

In anticipation of the visit, a data room was set up where the team reviewed internal strategy documents as well as the reports used by management to carry out their roles on a daily basis. Interviews were held with dozens of department heads, line managers and key individuals at all levels of operation to ensure roles and objectives were consistent with the structure of the wider organisation and that individual targets had been correctly set.

The results

Using the extensive knowledge and insight gained on site, Nyras made a number of suggestions to improve best practice within key departments and positively impact both financial results and the company’s ability to respond to the external market. At a higher level, the diagnostic found that, while staff were working hard and acting with the company’s best interests at heart, processes, accountabilities, goals and focused efforts were not being carried out consistently across departments. Inevitably, this could limit the organisation’s output. By better understanding and delineating their responsibilities and accountabilities in each area, the commercial team as a whole had the opportunity to become more streamlined and effective.

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